What’s happening in ICT4D.at


In the mean time, after finishing the third round of our Zanzicode project, we have also gotten the official thumbs-up from the funding agency ADA (Austrian Development Agency) for our book-keeping and reports.

The summary of our final report in German can be downloaded here. For more detailed questions please contact us.

After this, we are currently working on a new concept for the next round of Zanzicode. We want to incorporate the mistakes and lessons learned in the previous rounds of Zanzicode and create a more open space for learning and teaching. However, we are searching for a reliable partner on the spot to realise this – if you are there


The Social Business Forge

Our book “The Social Business Forge for ICT4D” has been released already on 11 December last year – as announced on Twitter. You can check the book online at http://www.socialbusinessforge.org/.


Future projects – Ghana

Together with Margarete Grimus – an Austrian expert for “Erwachsenenbildung” (education for adults) and new member of ICT4D.at -, Worlali Senyo, our Ghanian member and his contacts in Ghana are currently planning for a one-month teachers education course with the topic of using ICTs in everyday teaching in Tema, South Ghana.

The workshop is currently planned for mid-August to mid-September this year and preparations are on the way in collaboration with a local school.



Our homepage is currently being redesigned by Paul Spießberger and Georg Steinfelder We want to increase ease of navigation and introduce clear structure of posts, projects and other information. Thanks already!


Online activity

As you might have noticed, we are not as active online as we used to be. One reason for this is that we decided to carry out work more project based and dedicate less work to the “mother organisation” ICT4D.at.

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What’s happening in ICT4D.at
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2 Responses to “What’s happening in ICT4D.at”

  1. Abdul Rashid Imoro Says:

    Hi there,

    I am very please to have found out that you are working with Sernyo and I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for future collaboration with Savana Signatures especially if you intend to work in the northern part of Ghana. You may visit our web page for more information @ http://www.savsign.org


  2. Florian Sturm Says:

    Dear Rashid,

    thanks for the comment. It’s great what your doing with Savana signatures, if we’ll extend our project in Ghana to the north we’ll definitely get in touch with you.

    Best, Florian