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ICT4D News combines 25 blogs and news sources around the topic of ICT4D and Digital Development. The goal is to offer an easy way to stay tuned and receive the latest ICT4D updates. All the blogs and sources are combined into one handy list and provide offline reading capabilities. The blogs and sources can be deactivated to customize your reading.
We developed this application for the ICT4D and Digital Development Community.

We believe in diversity and the benefits coming with it. We are proud of being an international team of students from 3 different continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) and 5 different countries. The core team consists of three members: Noah Alorwu, who is active in Ghana, Raja Saboor Ali is strongly committed in Pakistan and Paul Spiesberger is involved from Austria. We also have support from Job Guitiche, who contributes from Mozambique and Chloé Zimmermann, a designer from France.

This application was developed by ICT4D.at as an Open Source Software. You can find, contribute and/or file bugs at GitHub:



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