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Yes we Care project is aimed at developing skills of youth to appreciate the community, the environment and increase their participation in the social and political processes as well as to support sustainable businesses in the field of social entrepreneurship.


  • To increase the capacities of the youth organizations and young people from Africa and Europe and to increase the potential for establishing social enterprises;
  • To expand the youth work cooperation globally, networking and peer learning activities in order to increase the knowledge, expertise, sustainability and internationalization leadership of youth organizations working in SE field;
  • To initiate a creation of youth organizations’ network that will use new forms of organizational support among them.


Young activists and social entrepreneurs from Europe and Africa who are working to educate, liberate, and empower youth in their local communities through spreading of social consciousness and development. Youth who want to embrace the opportunities of social entrepreneurship and to make a benefit from it by boosting an impact in their communities and in the same time, creating jobs for themselves and thereby, contributing to the solution of the youth unemployment in the countries.


The dissemination will include the project’s web-site and social media channels, web-sites of the partners and their social media channels, YouTube promotion of the final video, traditional media promotion – in African and European participating countries. Distribution and promotion of the Toolkit for Durable Development of SE for Young Entrepreneurs and Youth Workers in South Africa and Europe, as well as distribution of the project information to all youth associations active in the world.


  • A global platform for SE in Africa and Europe is created;
  • A database of local, national and global opportunities for youth and open educations resources and materials on the topic;
  • A research and mapping on local local examples of youth SE projects;
  • Handbook (toolkit) for practising & sustaining social entrepreneurship;
  • Minimum 6 different promotional products;
  • Articles and PR materials about youth positive examples of SE.


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