Soon to a theatre near you:

The documentary project about the emerging use of mobile phones in Africa, which we recorded in Zanzibar last fall, has now got an official premiere date. It will be screened at the fine old (100 yrs) cinema of Schikaneder in Vienna, the 8th of May, 19:30.

But this is actually just the kick-off of a world tour; we will also show the movie in Kampala/Uganda with the help of Jon Gosier and in Nairobi/Kenya with help of Ugo Vallauri. Also Florian Sturm will organize a screening in Ghana when he is teaching there this summer. We are as well working hard on getting it showed at the international film festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar, ZIFF.

So here’s a finished segment out of the video I just finished editing, buckle your belts & enjoy the ride.

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Soon to a theatre near you:
was published on 13.04.2009 by Anders Bolin. It files under east africa, global
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