Great weekend

This weekend was really great for!

First we had the eDevelopment “Service delivery and eID” event on Thursday with interesting talks and eID specialist Carina Isabella Freudenthaler supporting us (Martin Konzett, Florian Sturm) live blogging and twittering.

In the evening there was the first member meeting with Anders Bolin (media), Oliver Stern (economics) and Jasmin Giama (PR/marketing) who came from Berlin for the premiere of our movie Hello Africa. We talked about how a PR strategy for could look like.

On Friday also Jody (organization, finance) and Jason Knueppel (IT) joined us from Zell am See for the premiere of Hello Africa. It took place on Friday evening and was a big success – Schikaneder was full with approximately 85 people and we got great feedback. After some technical problems on the afternoon before we were happy that during the screening everything went well. The movie is now 49 minutes long, we need to do some more editing for the final DVD but soon it will be possible to order the movie from us.

On Saturday we had another member meeting talking about the future of our organization and Oliver proposed a new project, acting as hub between donors and aid agencies in the field of ICT4D. We’ll work out a nice description and put in on the projects page soon.

At the subsequent meeting on Sunday, Paul Pöltner (organization) joined us and we spent some hours aligning our organizational structure and talking about responsibilities. We’ve increased in members recently so going meta is vital for efficient work. We also agreed on a schedule for a planned book on how to manage an organization like ours – project BusinessForge.

So, happy to meet everybody, looking forward to working with all you people!

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Great weekend
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