Notes of IT for Climate-Smart Development

Notes of the Global ICT Department event IT for Climate-Smart Development: “Not Your Grandfather’s Bank” at the Social Development Forum on January 20.


We don’t have solutions for climate change and as there are very many stakeholders it is hard to agree on a solution

Global ICT department addresses this issue from the policy angle, but there have to be business models for private investments as well


Frank Rijsberman, Director Program of

Managing climate risk in the cloud

“Innovating for good” – 1% equity spent to innovation

Climate change is impacting people in poor countries

  • Sea level rise in Holland and Bangladesh is the same
  • But Bangladesh is impacted quite more

Information scarcity increases climate change vulnerability

  • acquiring information
  • disseminating information
  • enabling

Examples where is involved:


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Notes of IT for Climate-Smart Development
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