ICT4D.at becomes first partner of the Digital-Environment System Coalition

Recently, we got contacted by Tim Unwin, current chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D and with which we had the pleasure to work with earlier. He had launched a new networking initative to collate knowledge about the entanglements and limitations where the digital and physical worlds encounter. This initiative is called the “Digital-Environment System Coalition” (DESC) and it is currently searching for supporters.

preliminary DESC logo

Why we need this coalition

Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic have we seen that digital technologies being touted as the solution for almost everything. But can they really ever be? Of course, given our human condition that is social by nature, physical meetings can never be fully replaced by virtual ones – but besides that there are also physical limitations to digitalisation, and the DESC initative tries to shed lights on the blind spots we have here. There has been extensive research on many aspects of the environmental impact of digital technologies, but much of this has been discipline specific. There remains no overarching holistic model or understanding of these impacts.

This initiative is fundamentally multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, international and policy oriented. It tries to engage academics, companies, civil society organisations, international organisations and governments. By doing that, we hope to have the scope to address the big issues necessary for crafting an appropriate holistic system model. The aim is to develop policy reports and publications with recommendations that help ensuring digital technologies in the long-term interests of citizens and planet earth.

ICT4D.at aboard!

As the first organisation we took the invitation to join the coalition with hopefully many to follow. We are looking forward to working together with researchers and practitioners from all different disciplines and backgrounds on enhancing our holistic understanding of the inter-relationships between digital technologies and the physical environment. Currently, the coalition is designing the framework we will work under, consolidates a steering group and starts with shaping working groups.

If you are interested in joining the Digital-Environment System Coalition as well, short expressions of interest can be submitted through the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D’s contact page.

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ICT4D.at becomes first partner of the Digital-Environment System Coalition
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