MobileActive08: David Barnard

This is the first of the video podcasts we shot at the MobileActive08 conference in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. In the interviews conference attendees were talking about their projects and sharing their opinions and insights on the use of information technologies for development.

The interviews were recorded using a Nikon D90 camera and an H2 Zoom audio recorder. We will publish a new interview video podcast every Friday.

In the first interview, David Barnard, Executive Director of the Southern African Non-Governmental Organisation Network (SANGONeT) and organizer of MobileActive08, talks about the event and how it will impact activities at SANGONet. He underlines the value of mobile phones to enhance the work on development in many different dimensions. He also talks about funding, and mentions a session for and with funders that took place at MobileActive08. Enjoy!

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MobileActive08: David Barnard
was published on 31.10.2008 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under global
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