Comparing Danish and Austrian development cooperation

This Thursday Martin and me attended the event “Dänische und österreichische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit im Vergleich” (Comparing Danish and Austrian development cooperation) at Diplomatische Akademie Vienna, organized by the Vienna Institute.

Two speakers of Denmark and Austria respectively talked about the history and current state of development cooperation in Denmark and Austria. Denmark is a front-runner in this respect, whereas Austria since years misses the target of spending 0,7 percent of it’s GDP. Of course the economic crisis isn’t helping efforts of Austrian development organizations as well.

There were some interesting points, but regrettably generally it wasn’t very interactive and discussion was limited to three questions at the end of the panel.

Food and drinks afterwards were good though and also the real conversations happened then.

We talked to both speakers from Austria РAnton Mair from the ministry of exterior and Gerald H̦dl from the University of Vienna.

What we found out from Mr. Mair was that the EZA department at the ministry has no dedicated money for ICT4D, but there are some possibilities for innovative projects.

Talking to Mr. H̦dl was very interesting and we will stay in touch considering ICT4D inputs to traditional development studies Рhe is responsible for the curriculum. A cooperation with development studies would be a really great thing as we all come mostly from the technology side and lack the theoretical backgound.

We talked to some more people about our work – and generally was really interesting to see all the people who are situated more in the traditional sector of development cooperation.

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Comparing Danish and Austrian development cooperation
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