Development Marketplace 2009 – Aftermath

Today was the final day of Development Marketplace 2009, a competitive grant program hosted by the World Bank and supported by them and several other partners.

There were 100 finalists projects with “ideas to save the planet” surrounding the topic climate adaptaion. On the last four days these finalists were competing for 26 grants of up to $ 200 000 to realize their project.

A very striking feature of all the projects was that the solutions offered were brought forward by local people. A lot of projects fostered indigenous, ancestral knowledge to prepare for climate adaptation. As Ed Canton from MIT stated in his interview – many projects are not high tech, but appropriate to the local circumstances.

Some projects also used ICT to achieve their goal. In the following the three winning projects using ICTs are presented:

Strengthening Disaster Preparedness of Southern Leyte with SMS Technology, Philippines

African Pastoralists to Play Out Climate Drama on the Airwaves, Nigeria

Women and Youth Use Reality-Show Format to Tell of Climate Options, India

All 26 winners of Development Marketplace 2009

The organizers of the event put a very strong emphasis to promote the event via web 2.0 and created possibilities for the project teams to take and upload videos, pictures and to stay connected via social networks. There was also a live webcast several hours every day with interviews of participants and experts on climate change.

There was also broadcasted one panel discussion on Thursday which was really interesting to see. Former winners of Development Marketplace competitions described their projects and focused on the aspect of “scaling up” a solution. In the following discussion the participants suggested a different kind of support from donors, which would encourage more people to come up and get started with their ideas – a bigger number of grants with less money, but therefore more training, capacity building and networking.

Other interesting statements in the course of the event included:

  • Valeria D’Costa – Program Manager infoDev: the rate of access to ICT is growing, but the content doesn’t grow fast enough – infoDev will try to tackle that
  • Wayan Vota – Inveneo: ICTs are not expensive, people make conscious decisions to use these tools because they are valuable to them
  • Valeria Merino – Vice President, Ashoka: marketing & dissemination is a central element of scaling up – selling the idea to others
  • Marianne Fay – Chief Economist, SDN: to be effective, innovation has to tap local knowledge – that’s a big challenge for projects
  • Mara Bun – Green Cross: we are already globally adapting to climate change, we just have to find these ways and promote them

All in all Development Marketplace was a great opportunity to get a peek on what future strategies to adapt for climate change may look like.

If you want to have a look yourself, all the videos of the live webcast are online. For further video material check out the DM 2009 Youtube channel.

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Development Marketplace 2009 – Aftermath
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Development Marketplace 2009

From tomorrow until Friday the Development Marketplace 2009, hosted by the World Bank Group in Washington takes place. The event is the final date for the Development Marketplace competition – dealing with the topic of Climate Adaption this year. Over 1700 projects tackling climate change were handed in and 100 of them were chosen to reach the final selection stage. Up to 25 of the projects will win – and be funded with a $ 200 000 grant – funded by the World Bank Group, the Global Environment Facility, the International Fund for Agriculture Development, Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners.

The whole event will be covered fully on social media – including a DM2009 FlickR group, DM2009 Twitter account, DM2009 Youtube channel, DM 2009 Facebook and DM2009 LinkedIn event. It will also be broadcasted live (DM2009 live webcast) – starting tomorrow at 3 PM Austrian time.

Looking through the projects, there are several ICT4D-related ones there. What’s interesting though, is that the ICT used most in the projects is radio. There is only one project using SMS.

As the finalists are getting a small training how to use social media and ICT (they can borrow a camera and shoot videos with them) during the event, I am curious if they will find it useful and maybe even pick it up for the future development of their projects.

Three of the teams with ICT-related projects will even be interiewed tomorrow during the live webcast:

If you are interested in them – check their projects at the DM2009 project repository, watch the webcast tomorrow and post your questions and comments on Twitter – with the hashtag #dm2009.

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Development Marketplace 2009
was published on 10.11.2009 by Florian Sturm. It files under global
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