New World Bank workshop: e-Sri Lanka

This Thursday the eDevelopment Thematic Group of the World Bank will launch another seminar around their initiatives for government transformation towards e-governement – “e-Sri Lanka: Transforming the Country with ICT“.

It deals with the example of Sri Lanka, where integrated e-development and e-government programs were put into place – e-Sri Lanka. The lessons learned after four years of experience will be the topic of this seminar.

The event takes place on Thursday from 10 to 12 AM Washington time – which is 4 to 6 PM Austria time. The schedule of e-Sri Lanka can be seen here.

Oleg Petrov of the eDevelopment group also wrote about the event, will Twitter and live blog – with the help of Gregory Asmolov. Twitter tag for the event: #eSL09.

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New World Bank workshop: e-Sri Lanka
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