ICT4D.at 2020 General Assembly

2020. The year, where everything is a little bit different than what it used to be. Due to the Corona virus, the idea for a physical meeting for the general assembly was abandoned. But gladly for us, especially in comparison to older pandemics that humanity has suffered from, our generation has an advantages – the technology to „meet“ at least virtually and catch a glimpse of each other’s homes.

On our call, on 12th of September, we remembered the projects and successes of the past year:

We also discussed ideas for our new website, legal requirements such as ICT4D.at’s budget 2020 and also held the election of our chair and vice-chair. Paul got reelected as our chair and we are very happy to have him lead our organization. Georg decided to step down from his role and I was elected as vice-chair. I would like to thank everyone again for their trust in me.

Virtual 2020 General Assembly

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ICT4D.at 2020 General Assembly
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