The conference Picnic08 took place 24th to 26th September in Amsterdam (it’s somehow like TED I guess) and as amongst others Ethan Zuckerman and Erik Hersman were giving presentations, I want to point to the coverage of their and all the other talks.

So generally there should be videos of the talks online on PICNIC TV, but also Ethan Zuckerman himself wrote a lot about the different speakers.

His talk “Surprising Africa” and Erik Hersman’s “If it works in Africa it will work anywhere” are imho best covered on Lucy Hooberman’s blog and White African.

Both are presenting ingenious and unique ways of people in Africa coming up with useful services and tools.

There is a lot happening in Africa concerning technology nowadays and generally those things are not triggered by foreign aid, but by the innovation of people directly confonted with problems. As Richard Heeks put it some time ago in his article on ICT4D 2.0, the approach to development for the poor (pro-poor) will not work in the future, but rather development with the poor (para-poor) and by the poor (per-poor).

We should dismiss the “aid” approach towards development, we should just focus on enabling everybody to participate in it and not putting poor countries down any further – through unfair trade agreement or financing wars for example.

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