eTG seminar: FLOSS in the public sector

Notes from the eDevelopment thematic Group seminar on the “Use of Free/Open Source Software in the Public Sector: Brazil Experience“.


Introduction and welcoming speeches

Cem Dener (ECSPE), Deepak Bhatia (GICT), Samia Melhem (GICT), Oleg Petrov (e-Development Thematic Group), Mikhail Bunchuk (Moscow Office), Eduardo Calero

Country offices in Albania, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, St. Vincent, St. Kitts


Mr. Eduardo Santos, Project Manager, Ministry of Planning, Brasilia – download presentation

FLOSS in Brazilian government

Regulations for free software in Brazil:

  • specific branch in the government responsible for informatics and information policies
  • different committees for FLOSS implementation, legacy systems, systems integration

A lot of internal struggle about the usage of free software, everybody thought they had the best policy

A lot of trouble with migrating, adapting, intergrating -> decision to create new software

Brazilian Public Software Portal

  • sharing software solutions in the government

FLOSS community in Brazil claimed they were also allowed the source code of a product if they purchased it

Public Software Portal evolved

  • companies used software and provided training for other organizations
  • groups of interest emerged from the users of the software
  • Community, companies, municipalities – all users are very important and have different needs -> it’s an ecosystem
  • Now: Providing software solutions for society

Software is more than only software

  • it’s a change in attitude
  • it’s about innovation – more qualified people
  • many economic opportunities
  • savings of more than $ 3.750.000 just by sharing software



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eTG seminar: FLOSS in the public sector
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