ICT4D.at traffic analysis – 2008 to now

The last month not much happened here on the blog – which was due to a combination of summer, internal work and us not attending ICT4D events I guess.

There’s one thing I wanted to share with you for a while already though, and now seems a good moment for that.

The platform ICT4D.at was created in April 2008 and almost since the first setup we have been using Google Analytics to analyze the page traffic.

As we are planning to give other researchers the possibility to post here (more on that soon) and as I personally like data and think it’s interesting to look through, here some facts on our traffic in the last – well – 2 years.


Below there’s the overall traffic for daily page views from 2 April 2008 to today, 27 July 2010. Click on it to see a bigger version. In total 20 241 unique visitors had 59 110 page views, spending an average of 1:56 time on the site.

What can be seen is that we started slow, “taking off” with the beginning of 2009 and stabilizing from late 2009, early 2010 on at a range of about 20 to 70 views (slightly less unique views) daily – with pikes here and there.

The countries where our visitors come from are very diverse with Austria, the US, Germany, the UK, India and South Africa as the top six. Google tells us we’ve had visitors from 181 countries/regions so far, which means that there’s almost no country on earth where nobody looked on our website yet – quite cool, isn’t it?

The reason for that may of course be our Google search rank which has been on between 3 and 5 when searching for the term “ICT4D” for some time already.

The spikes are actually always event-related, such as:

What we’ll have to improve in my opinion is the navigation on the site – referring from our blog content to the projects, wiki, calendar and so forth. Our bounce rate is currently quite high (about 70%), especially for our entry page, so it’s really time to implement our newest redesign.


So these were in general my insights from the gathered data, if you want to know more, have an idea how to improve our online presence, want to help in implementing the new design or have general suggestions on this post you’re of course welcome to comment.

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ICT4D.at traffic analysis – 2008 to now
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