RISE, INSO & ICT4D.at – A Strategic Partnership

Over the last years we implemented several projects and initiatives with the Vienna University of Technology and the Research Industry Software Engineering GmbH (RISE). Our biggest and longest collaboration was within the ICT4DMZ project where INSO, the research group for Industrial Software was our scientific partner. I work with RISE as a mobile software developer and am the co-head of BRIC, a research group at INSO where I regularly teach and conduct my research in the context of ICT4D. Other members also have connections to INSO or RISE and back in 2008 two out of three founding members were part of INSO.

Our shared story goes way back to our roots and recently we once more started a new project. This time RISE, as a software company, takes over the part of developing software within this collaboration. We as ICT4D.at do develop and maintain small open source software projects, but we do not have the resources to implement large scale software project. Most of our members contribute to our cause in their spare time and everyone who already developed software knows that it takes serious efforts to go live and have happy users. Furthermore, ICT4D.at also does not want to professionally develop software. We see our engagement within the ICT4D movement, we have insights, we connect, we plan & support others, we teach & reflect on the wise use of technologies for the most marginalized. We do not develop software, we develop the ideas behind the technology in respect of its context and foremost implications.

In the last couple of months we as RISE, INSO and ICT4D.at decided to take the next step and formalize our partnership. We signed a strategic partnership where RISE & INSO will support our engagement. We continue with having INSO as our designated scientific partner and RISE as our preferred software development associate. Our triangle of research, software development and ICT4D simply got stronger while we still maintain our freedom and openness to collaborate with others. We deeply thank RISE & INSO and are grateful for their support. These are exciting times for us, we are growing, expanding and new opportunities are ahead! Reach out to us if you would like to know more or are interested in joining ICT4D.at.

Logos of RISE, INSO and ICT4D.at

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RISE, INSO & ICT4D.at – A Strategic Partnership
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Partner – e-Development Group

We are proud to announce that in the future we will work closely together with the e-Development Group of The World Bank, working together in social networks and general web 2.0 services and covering their events via Twitter and blog posts.

The next event organized by the e-Development Group will be held on 17 April  – Open Standards for Government Transformation: Enabling transparency, security and interoperability – and we will attend via webcast.

We met our contact person Oleg Petrov first at Coop 2.0 in Gijon and agreed there that it would be beneficial for both of us to collaborate. ICT4D.at is now trying to make the events of the e-Development Group known to a wider public – as we think that what’s happening at these events is definitely influencial to the ICT4D scene as a whole.

We are looking forward to a productive partnership.

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Partner – e-Development Group
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