Repository of people in ICT4D

As our interview project is quite a success and we plan to extend it further on upcoming events such as e-Stas and Africa Gathering, we decided to create a repository of these videos in our wiki.

Additionally to the interviews we are trying to add a short CV to every person, to get the context right. Carrying this idea further a bit, we are creating an Open repository of interesting people in ICT4D – every person gets a wiki page.

Ideally this should become an overview as complete as possible – so help is welcome, just mail us if you want to add information. Of course if somebody doesn’t want to appear in this repository – again, just mail us.

Currently the wiki page is far from complete – but we will continuously work on it – make sure you check it out from time to time –

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Repository of people in ICT4D
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So there we are. We had three great days at MobileActive08 in Johannesburg so far. MobileActive brings together researchers, professionals and donors in the field of ICT4D.

MobileActive08: Unlocking the potential of Mobile Technology for Social Impact. A global Summit about Mobile Technology for Social Impact.

It has been a wonderful experience, so many people, so many ideas and already mature projects. We were quite impressed. The conference included different sessions like the SIMlabs (test driving mobile applications), SIMplace (show casing projects and products), Mini Talks (short presentations and QA) and the self organized sessions (where people came up spontaniously with their thoughts, BarCamp style; we also hosted one). All of them allowed people to share their ideas and experiences. It proved to be a really good format for a conference on a new field like this.

We connected with a lot of attendees and speakers and did about 25 short interviews (5 minutes each) with our film equipment: Gary Marsden, Erik Hersman (aka white african), Alex Comminos, Ugo Vallauri, Yeal Schwartzman, Kutoma Wahunuma, Chris Williamson, David Barnard, Jacob Korenblum, Andi Friedman and many more …

We will publish all interviews as Creative Commons video podcast in about 3 weeks.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lusaka, Zambia. Stay tuned!

[Image by whiteafrican]

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Interesting people: Ken Banks

One thing which was on my mind these days was to write a blog post about the project FrontlineSMS – because it is a fascinating project which uses sms, a technology available for everybody with a mobile phone in a really innovative way and also because it is a big success and found a lot of resonance in the blogsphere – Ethan, Mobileactive blog posts.

Another thing which struck me just today was Ken Banks’ recent blog post. It is about the D in ICT4D – how skills in anthropology, development studies and hands-on practise are vital for developing useful and feasible solutions in ICT4D.  He writes:

“Understanding the realities of life in ‘developing countries’ is essential, I believe, if we’re to fully grasp what today’s emerging mobile technology means to people. That means spending time on the ground, getting our hands dirty and trying things out.” [snippet from here]

Anyway, Ken Banks is the creator of FrontlineSMS, so I finally decided to introduce him. The picture is taken (without permission) from his homepage.

Being born in Great Britain and having stayed longer in several countries in Africa, he lives right now in Stanford and Cambridge. He is involved with quite many projects (short list in the blog entry) and has become a renowned authority for the application of mobile phones in development issues. Together with Stéphane Boyera he chairs the W3C MW4D (mobile web for social development) Interest Group.

His work is focusing mostly on the application of mobile technology for social change, he developed several tools for helping NGOs and grassroots-movements.

To find out more about him and his work check out his page and his bio. Furthermore there ist a great article of his about “Mobile Phones and the Digital Divide” on PCWorld.

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Interesting people: Ken Banks
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