International Development Design Summit

Just a quick point to an exciting project which is currently taking place here around Kumasi and at KNUST – International Development Design Summit.

It’s an initiative by MIT (MIT press on IDDS) to drive capacity building in developing countries, but also to provide students with real-life experience and a forum to discuss issues. The students work together with other students and practitioners here in the wider area of Kumasi and try to find applicable solutions for every day problems of the people in rural areas of Ghana.

One project is for example built around the problem of making water drinkable with chlorides – and how to produce these chlorides with the help of available tools – such as a bike, in that case. Another projects deals with easy methods of rice-destoning – which would rural farmers enable to compete better with big companies.

The project is really good covered in various blog – IDDS official blog in as good source, also pointing to other blogs. The results of the projects will be presented at Maker Faire Africa (IDDS at Maker Faire Africa), really looking forward to seeing that.

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International Development Design Summit
was published on 28.07.2009 by Florian Sturm. It files under sub saharan africa
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