Interesting projects: Skyrove

Through this blog post of Steve Song – who works for the Shuttleworth Foundation (you know – the guy from Ubuntu) in South Africa – I found the page of the South African company Skyrove.

I immediately liked the page, it has an easy and user friendly interface and the business principle is easy explained. It’s about motivating people to buy WIFI-hotspots and provide internet access publicly for payment. Skyrove takes over the user and credit management for a share of the revenue.

It’s easy to become a provider as well as to buy credits.

The system does not only work for South Africa but world wide.

I think that’s a great system for fostering the availability of WIFI. It enabes local businessmen – like shop- or cafe- owners – to earn money and at the same time provide internet for people with no prior access.

Way to go – check it out

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Interesting projects: Skyrove
was published on 03.09.2008 by Florian Sturm. It files under sub saharan africa
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