Swahili course – lesson 1 & 2

In summer 2009, Daniela Wolf and I will offer a comprehensive IT course (Zanzibits Support) in cooperation with Zanzibits in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. In preparation for the course and the stay in Zanzibar we attend a weekly, private Swahili course lead by Elisabeth Zenz who has lived there for over 1 year.

The course is mainly intended to teach us the neccessary skills to be able to get along in everyday life, do small talk, go shopping, etc. Also, Elisabeth has set herself a target to teach us as many cool slang words as possible so we can impress locals 🙂

In the first lesson on March 4th we were taught pronounciation, how to greet and say goodbye, how to do basic smalltalk (habari za …), the numbers from 1 – 1000 and the most important persons (mimi = i, wewe = you, kaka = brother, dada = sister, mama = mother, papa = father). During the course we read some small talk conversations in groups of two to improve our articulation.

In the second lesson on March 12th we read some more advanced dialogues in groups of 2 and afterwards analyzed the vocabulary and tenses used. We learned the three most important tenses (present tense, past tense, future tense) which should suffice. After we had learned some more places you can go to (njumbani = home, kazini = to work, shuleni = to school, sokoni = to the marketplace) we simulated shopping at the marketplace:
how to order food (mchate = food, mkate = bread, yai = egg, matunda = fruits, ndizi = bananas), ask for the price, complain that the price is too high (which we were told to do always) and how to bargain.

As soon as we are satisfied with our articulation we are going to record complete dialogues in groups of two and offer these audio files under a Creative Commons licence online. Also, Daniela and I are collaboratively keeping course notes and a vocabulary on Google Docs which we will publish as well at the end of our course in June.

From now on, there will be a blog post about our progress every week.

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Swahili course – lesson 1 & 2
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