ICT4D related conference and workshop

A quick note on two events that were announced recently: The 1st International Conference on Mobile Development (mDEVELOPMENT 2009) will take place in Barcelona 2-4 September 2009. It seems that the conference has emerged from last years mLife event , where they held a session on mobile development.

The other event is a workshop organized by Matt Jones and Gary Marsden on the theme “Taking Ubicomp Beyond Developed Worlds” (Globi-Comp 2009). The workshop will be held at the Ubicomp 2009 conference, which I find really exciting, since I’ve previously published at this conference myself. It’s really about time that ICT4D establishes its place in this community.

The events have also been added to our list of conferences.

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ICT4D related conference and workshop
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