A human right?

Alexander from the Austrian Piratenpartei pointed me to an interesting project called “Buy This Satellite” where ahumanright.org with the help of a consortium of organisations, amongst others the Bertelsmann Foundation, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories or the What Took You So Long Foundation is trying to finance the purchase of a communication satellite to provide internet

Here’s the Tedx talk of the project‘s CEO, Kostas Grammatis.

Sounds interesting to me, also as I’m generally very impressed by Sugata Mitra’s and William Kamkwamba’s stories.

Still, as much as I’m a technology enthusiast, internet access can only be one part of the puzzle for improving the lives of impoverished people around the world. I suggest watching this presentation by Kentaro Toyama for more technology-critical and challenging thoughts.

However, I like the concept and it’s an exciting new way to think about things – just crowdfunding the purchase of a whole communication satellite. I just hope the organizers have a more general approach in mind than just moving this satellite around and waiting for things to happen.

Clicking links and stumbling further I also encountered the other projects of Palomar5 and they’re also definitely worth a read.

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A human right?
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