OASIS/World Bank Workshop on Open Standards

On Friday 17 April there will be a workshop organized by the eDevelopment group of the World Bank, OASIS (organization promoting and developing open standards) and the World Bank Institute about Open Standards for Government Transformation: Enabling Transparency, Security and Interoperability. It will be held in Washington DC from 8:15 to 15:30 local time and speakers include worldwide professionals in the field of open standards, as well as officials from the World Bank, OASIS and the private sector.

Open standards are substantial to guarantee transparency, security and interoperability, especially in times of rapid technological development and increasing reliance on software tools for government interaction with their citizens.

Furthermore, as Paul Collier also stated in his book “The Bottom Billion“, in particular in so-called “less developed countries” open and internationally agreed standards can give governments a good guideline for reforms, increasing trust of citizens and investors.

Oleg Petrov, the eDevelopment group coordinator also wrote a blog post about the event, stating that the workshop

offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences amongst professionals from the World Bank, leading public administrations, country clients and the private sector regarding the significance of open standards for public sector reform and efficiency. Issues surrounding public financial management, e-procurement, cloud computing, electronic identitification, security, and interoperability frameworks will be discussed. [from Open Standards for Government Transformation: Enabling transparency, security and interoperability]

ICT4D.at will attend whis event via webcast and twitter and blog live.

If you are interested in joining – please register online:

+ To attend in person in Washington DC register here:
+ To attend online via live webcast register here:

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OASIS/World Bank Workshop on Open Standards
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